Sunday, February 27

New Haircut!

I did it!  I cut my hair!

I have been growing my hair for quite some time now.  Really I didn't know what to do with it so I was just letting it grow.  Well it was definitely longer than my shoulders, but it never looked healthy and just kinda looked boring in my opinion.  Mr. KU is a fan of long hair, but I've never had much success.  

So Saturday I made the plunge.  I've always had short hair, so I went somewhere in between.  It sits right at my shoulders and look soo much healthier now.  And I found this new product which I love (can't remember the name now), but takes a lot of the humidity out of your hair and prevents it from curling when it gets hot and leaves a really pretty shine!

My long hair right after Christmas (see how it is longer than my shoulders)

Not a great picture - but you can see the short hair!

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