Friday, October 29

So Long KC....

For those of you who know me, you know I move every year!  I've moved from Topeka to Downtown KC; then across the street to a new apartment; (long story) then out to the burbs of Roeland Park, then way out to Shawnee Mission, and now I make my move further west to Lawrence, KS.....

There are lots of emotions going through my head right now.  I'm sad I'm moving away from KC.  I know I'm not going far, only 40 minutes, but at the same time all of my friends and family are in the KC area.  BUT at the same time, I'm so excited to have my OWN PLACE!! It has been 3 years since I've lived by myself and I have missed you will see, I will only have a whopping 495 square feet to myself.  If you have any helpful storage solutions, please send them my way.  I have never lived in a place so small except for my freshman year at college in the dorms and then in the ADPi house.  I will only be blocks away from MR. KU and only 25 minutes away from work, so I think it will all be worth it! Like I said, any suggestions would be very helpful!!

floorplanIdeas.jpg (900×750)
Options for my apartment with a full size bed....

Monday, October 25

Memoir Monday

My friend Mrs. Ruby (her blog name) came up with a great idea called "Memoir Monday".  Just a fun post about your weekend and something to look forward to each week, since we all know that we dread Sunday nights and getting ready for the work week.

Well, my weekend consisted of packing!  I'm moving again...for those of you who know me I move about once a year...just from friend to friend, I also seem to be moving closer and closer to work, and this next move (in 3 days) will be to Lawrence, KS.  I'm excited and sad all at the same time.  I'm pumped to only live 23 minutes away from work, instead of the 70 minutes I currently live. And Mr. KU will also only be about 3 blocks away, makes life very convenient!  But at the same time I'm sad about not living as close to family and friends.  Definitely have to make more of an effort to head back to KC (only 40 minutes away).

Back to my weekend...I did go to the KU football game with Mr. KU this weekend.  It was a terrible game, they played awful!  Then on Sunday his brother, sister-in-law and their two kids came over and we hung out, watched the Chief's game and had some home-made soup that Mr. KU made.  It was a lovely relaxing weekend after doing lots of packing! 

How was your weekend?

Sunday, October 24

Random Thought

I'm having a moment -- I normally don't get like this on Sunday nights, but I just really don't want to go to work tomorrow.  I don't want to deal with people's crap, I just want to relax, finish packing and finally move to Lawrence!!  

If you didn't know I'll be moving to Lawrence in about 4 days.  I'm so excited and sad at the same time.  This past year I lived with my sister, and probably the last time I'll get the chance to live with her. :(  But I'm excited to be close (3 blocks) from Mr. KU and only 23 minutes from work!  I've been driving over an hour to and and from work now for the past 3 years, and I'm just worn out and sick of it.  

Anyway, not a very exciting post, just having a moment and enjoying the fact that Mr. KU and I are just lying around watching football and totally relaxing.  Its just enjoyable at the moment!

Tuesday, October 19


I just got back from my AMAZING trip to Philadelphia.  Mr. KU surprised me with a trip to Philadelphia because I'm a big fan of the Eagles and some of my family still lives back East.  Friday after we got in town, we went to a place called Reading Terminal.  It is an old Subway or Bus Station that was transformed into an indoor market.  Here are a few pics of the market and our first night in Philly.
Me in front of City Hall
Our yummy sandwhiches for dinner :)

Mr. KU and I at Reading Terminal

 So then on Saturday we went down to the Historic District in Philly.  We went to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's House, and of course went back to Reading Terminal for another Cheesesteak! :)  Needless to say, we had one every night while in Philadelphia!  Here are a few pics of our day learning about our country's history:

Mr. KU and I at the Liberty Bell

Inside Independence Hall
I was also able to spend some time with my grandparents.  I normally see them about once a year, but this year this was the 2nd time!  I love them and miss them very much!

My grandparents and I after dinner

Then on Sunday, we headed to the Philadelphia Eagles Game...really the entire purpose of the trip!  It was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip.  The stadium was packed, the people around us were great (even though we heard Philly fans can be quite rude and crazy) and the EAGLES WON!!!  Here are a few pics of us at the game.
View from our seats

Mr. KU and I at our seats.
I obviously cant' post all the pictures because you all would be reading forever and this whole blog thing takes FOREVER to upload pictures.  So here is a link to my Picasa Web Album.  Just click on the link below and you can view all of the pictures I took on our trip.

Enjoy and thanks for reading today!

Philadelphia Trip Photo Album

Monday, October 11

Weddings, Weddings Everywhere!

Between Mr. KU and I, we have about 10 weddings in the year 2010, and more to come in 2011.  Its kinda crazy, but has been a blast.  We went to a wedding of a dear friend of mine this past weekend.  Two giant Italian families getting married and it was incredible!  For instance, its Italian tradition to have homemade cookies for everyone to take home...well, they had over 72 TRAYS of cookies for people to take home and enjoy throughout the night.  I've never seen so many cookies in one place in my life.  Here are a few pictures:
Wedding Cake in the middle

Left side of the cake w/ half the cookies...

(Reminder, the picture above is only half of the cookies...)  The reception was at the Argosy Casino, in North Kansas City.  Everything was just beautiful and very elegant.  It was a great place to have a reception.  Here are a few more pictures from the night:

Mr KU and I at the reception

The BEAUTIFUL gift table!

The gorgeous bride and I

our cookies that we got to take home

And the cute little bag we took the cookies home in.

It was such a fun night, with great friends, a fabulous date and and of course 2 people deeply in love with each other!  Can't wait for the next one!!

Thursday, October 7


I just have to say, that I found an amazing website:!!!!  AMAZING!!!!  As you can see I have transformed my blog today.  I found this cool website, with great, FREE ideas and tutorials on how to edit pictures, make pages, blinkies, the list goes on.  I'm now becoming obsessed with my blog and all of the fun, creative things I can do to keep it interesting.

Sorry if you see a lot of page changes in the next couple week or months, I'm just experimenting, trying to figure out what I like best!

Wednesday, October 6

Pumpkin Patch

I finally got to go to the pumpkin patch!  I did drag the BF (we are going to call him Mr. KU).  Hopefully he got some enjoyment out of it!  I just love being outside, enjoying the nice weather and its my favorite time of year!  Mostly because football is finally back, but this comes in a close second! 

Above is a picture of the entire pumpkin patch and below is a picture of me with all my pumpkins -- 65 lbs of pumpkins that is!!!  Which Mr. KU and I had to carry all the way back to the farm because we were too stubborn to hop on the tractor that was taking people to and from the pumpkin patch....

So when we got back to the house, I decided I was going to be "creative".  I don't like carving pumpkins, but I love the look of them in a house.  So I found a picture of painted pumpkins in the local Hy-Vee Grocery Store magazine ...and well...just copied how they were painted!  I love them and I don't care.  I at least tried to be a little creative! 

ALL DONE!  It was a great day enjoying the beautiful Kansas fall weather and Mr. KU's company!  We had fun!

Saturday, October 2

My First Blog Entry...

Alright - so this is my first blog entry.  I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself and why I decided to start a blog.  Not sure if you will like hearing what I have to say, but thought I would give this whole blog thing a try.

I'm technically from New Jersey, even though I only lived there when I was in grade school.  But my entire extended family still lives back East.  I'm very proud of where I came from, which also makes me a HUGE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FAN!!!  I am going back to Philly in a few weeks so don't worry, there will be an entry about my trip.  But I do miss my family very much.  I wish I could visit my grandparents more often.  I was very close to them when I was younger; they partially raised me and I miss the closeness we had.

I also attended K-State for college and received my Business Degree in Marketing & Management.  That lead me to work at Target Distribution Center in which I lead a night shift -- people were great, the job was ok, but the hours were terrible.  I worked weekend nights  while all of my friends worked normal 8-5 jobs.  Needless to say I did not last long - only 11 months and that brought me to my current job which I enjoy most days.  I'm sure there will be many blog entries about all the craziness and annoyances of my job, but all in all I'm happy with what I'm doing.  I work at a major shoe retailer in the casual and boots department and am enjoying the pressures working in the high profile departments.

So that's the boring onto the fun stuff...I LOVE my family.  I have a sister who is 21 months younger than me and we are very close.  We actually lived together for the past year and I loved every minute of it (except when her dog yipped  or barked at every ant that walked by the door).  My mom and dad also live relatively close to me which is nice as well.  I am able to spend time with them whenever I'm not busy which is nice and convenient.  Most of my friends live close as well except for my best friend (we'll call her Miss Atlanta).  I'm hoping one day she'll realize she should move back home.  I'm also very blessed to have met the love of my life (through work actually), but I wouldn't have asked for it any other way.  He's amazing and smart and makes me belly laugh all the time!!!!!!!!  I love laughing!!!!   We are a very good balance for each other and I can't wait to see what exciting things happen in the next few years.

Now...on to why I am starting this blog???  Well, I'm intrigued by them.  I enjoy learning from and about other people.  I enjoy following friends and keeping up to date on their lives.  Plus, I love to talk and am pretty I thought why not share my life, make someone laugh and make people aware.  And so it begins, I've officially started!  Hope you enjoy reading and please let me know your thoughts/opinions about my blog. If you don't like something; tell me.  I won't keep my mouth shut so I don't expect other people to either!