Thursday, November 17

My heart is full!!!

This past weekend I was able to spend Saturday with all of my college friends (well about 90% of them). 

We had an ADPI Reunion Tailgate at the K-State v. A&M Football Game in Manhattan, KS.  It was a blast!


Game Time.....We were busy jump starting the car and missed the 4 overtimes -- but don't worry we had fun listening to the game in the parking lot!

...Sensing a theme with these two?!?!?!?!

Dinner & Laughs....

Ahh my heart is full.  I just love all of these women!!

They each bring something a little different, a new perspective, a lot of opinions, and TONS of laughter each time we are together.  I'm one lucky girl to have such a great group of friends!

Friday, November 11

Kstate v. Oklahoma!!!


A couple of  weekends ago, my mom, Joe, Brian and I all ventured out to Manhattan, KS to watch the Homecoming Game - K-State vs. Oklahoma!

One of my favorite memories in college was when K-State beat OU at the Big 12 Championship Game at Arrowhead in KC.  There were 12 of us that went; we made a sign that said "All we want for Christmas is a BCS Bowl" and we wore purple Santa hats!  Oh the days of college -- I miss you!

This weekend was wonderful and I was able to spend it with some close friends and family!  We ended up losing to OU, but we had fun anyway.  GOO CATS!


Here are some actual pictures I took from the weekend!  ENJOY!

Wednesday, November 2

Where has the year gone?!?!?!?!

I'm sitting at work, not quite ready to start my day (hey, it's before 8am) and was thinking that this year has FLOWN by way too fast.  It is already November!!!

I swear it was just April and I was getting ready for my friend Julie's wedding, or July and I got home from the beach in Florida...I'm not ready for what the next few months are going to bring.....SNOW!

UHHHH this does not look fun.  

But on a positive note - there are only 255 days left until my WEDDING!!!!!!!!!  And I get to be Mrs. Alexander!!!  

I can't wait!!