Sunday, October 21

Making Progress

Thank you to my dad, Kim and my sister for coming over today and helping us clean out our front garden.  

{And there is a ton more work to do, but 2 hours today was very helpful and productive.}

Brian and I neglected our yard all summer and we are kinda paying for it now, but jobs, getting married, and painting the horrible colors in our house took priority.  

The goal before winter comes is to clean out the garden beds, take care of the weeds, trim down the bushes and see what comes back in the Spring.  Then, we'll start purchasing new plants, and making our yard look much prettier than it is.

Here are some pictures of what it looked like at the beginning of the day.

Horrible looking plants before we ripped them out

Another angle of the ugly plants

I don't even know what to say -- its a mess!

Cleaned up and chopped down

We ripped the dead plants out = NOT FUN!

Beautiful trimmed can walk under it now!
I feel so productive today!  More to come next spring when we plant new shrubs!

Wednesday, October 10

I love Fall!

It is that wonderful time of year where the trees begin to change colors, football is always on the TV in our house, the air conditioning has been turned off and windows open (if my allergies aren't horrible).

I have also used Pinterest as an inspiration source for some fall decorating ideas around the house and on our front porch.  (please don't mind the horrible bushes, that is a project we need to begin soon).

Here are a few shots of our fall decorating items around our household.

{source of inspiration}

source of inspiration

Saturday, October 6

Kstate v. KU Game

Brian and I had our own personal tailgate...and by no means was it a healthy one...just some of our favorite tailgate items.

And surprisingly we were both nice to each other during the game.

In case you were not aware, Brian went to KU and is a HUGE Jayhawk fan. 

I went to K-State and am a HUGE wildcat fat.  

We are both competitive when it comes to our football and sports teams, but we were nice to each other this Saturday afternoon.  

I love my husband.  Even if he is a KU fan.

And I love our child...who could care less about Kstate or KU...she just loves her Christmas binky and nap time!