Saturday, May 21


This weekend has been exactly what my body and heart has been craving!  

Friday night I had a fantastic dinner with a dear friend who I have not been able to hang out with lately.  We went to Esquina, on Mass in Lawrence which they have AWESOME, different, types of tacos and Mexican food.  It was sooo yummy!

Saturday, I went to the Lawrence Farmers Market and got this very yummy cinnamon swirl bread.  Had a cup of coffee and walked along Mass Street while Ellie was getting groomed.  Just strolling along, no time commitments, no where to be, just strollin' along enjoying the beautiful weather!  Then, I did a little shopping, went on a really good run/walk and FINALLY mastered the big hill!  Maybe I can just make it through the Hospital Hill Race in 2 weeks!  

Then I spent the afternoon, taking a nap, laundry, picking up, NOTHING!  I have a house to myself with Mr. KU on a golf trip, no weddings, no time commitments, no traveling, just pure relaxation and anything I want to do!  

We've been soo busy go-go-going that I just didn't feel rested, motivated, or even wanting to go out and do the fun things we have planned.  I really needed some time just to myself to do the things that I've wanted and needed to do!  

Ahhhh I'm back!  Happy and refreshed!!!

Thursday, May 19

NYC Here I Come!!!

One more week and I will be on my way to NYC!!!!  I cannot wait.  

One whole week away from work....and checking absolutely NO emails!

Celebrating my aunt's wedding!

Mr. KU's first time in the big city!

Spending time with my family back east which doesn't happen very often!  

Sorry for the quick post, just got really excited!  It's only a week away!!!

Monday, May 16

Memoir Monday

Another totally fun wedding weekend for us!  If you haven't guessed it already, our spring/summer/fall is going to be full of weddings.  Between Mr. KU and I we have 10, THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS, 10 WEDDINGS!!!  It's a little crazy, but its fun!

This weekend Mr. KU's friend from high school (Kevin) was getting married.  We drove down to Strong City (the El-Dog came too) and had a blast with his friends! 

Enjoy some pics of the weekend!

Kevin and Gineva (sp?)

Mr. KU and I

Laura and Jess

Chad and Brett (and yes his mustache is for real)

Wow, I have a handsome guy!! :)

Wednesday, May 11

I love reading my friend's blog over at Ruby Red Slippers and she participates in "What I'm Loving Wednesday".  

I thought I would participate this week. I am lovin'

1.) My new Wedges!
Sorry the picture isn't the greatest - had to take the pic with my phone at my desk at work....(don't tell my boss please)

2.) StArBuRsTs!!
I've been chewing on these all day today!

3.) My love...well I always love him!!  

4.) My friends!!!
I love how we can all live in different parts of the country and get together when someone is celebrating a shower or bachelorette party and its like nothing has ever changed!!!  I love my ADPI girls! 

{pic was taken a few years ago at Allie's wedding}

Monday, May 9

Memoir Monday

This Memoir Monday is strictly devoted to my mama-sita!  Its a day late, but I'm ok with that!

She is an amazing women...such a fighter!  I look up to her for that, because I don't know if I could have been that strong in the tough times of our lives.  I mean, this woman has fought breast cancer, 2 broken legs (at one time) and continued to be a positive role model for my sister and I!  Always putting us first.

If I have learned one thing from my mother it is her mantra, "We are women, and we CAN DO ANYTHING!!!"

I believe that saying came after a bad episode with the lawn mower, probably one of the first times ever cutting the grass, but it holds true in anything I do!

I love you mom!!  Thank you for all that you do!

Friday, May 6

Bells will be ringing...(part 2)

My dear friend Julie married the man of her dreams on Saturday.  The new Mr. & Mrs. O'Connor are a beautiful couple.  I was very honored to be her MOH (and had to give a speech which I was terrified to do)!  The speech went well, thank goodness, but the wedding was absolutely beautiful!  

Enjoy some pics -- great weekend with all of my girlfriends in one place! Doesn't get much better than that!