Sunday, September 30

Kitchen Update

Brian and I have done A TON of painting over the past few months.

Our kitchen is pretty much done!  Woohoo!!  We can count one room off on our list of painting and making it ours.

Overall, there was not a lot of hard demo-type work that had to be done, but painting and hanging pictures that fit Brian and I was on the top of the list.

I still have to add some nick knacks above the cabinets, but so far I haven't found anything that I like enough to put up there to fill the space.  Brian doesn't think anything needs to go above the we are trying to find the right balance.

Anyhoo...Here are a few pics of before:

And after:

Wednesday, September 26


I got my computer back!  Thank you Geek Squad at Best Buy!!!

He was able to restore my computer, put all of my pictures on DVD's and upload them back onto my computer!  I forever owe him my life!

Well, maybe not my life, but my pictures are my life and I can't tell you how devastated I would be if I lost them.

So...tonight I'm uploading them all to PhotoBucket so I never have to worry about where they are or if they get lost, etc.

Ahh, life is good again and I can begin uploading pics and blogging again about my boring little life that I love oh so much!

More pics on the house, wedding, honeymoon to come!  

I'm back!! 

Tuesday, September 11

iPAD vs. Laptop

Well...I came to the conclusion last night that I much rather have a laptop over an iPAD.


I know, I know not everyone would say that.  It might be my inexperience with Apple products, but I am having such a hard time figuring out how to upload pictures to this blog (hence no posts recently), or to Facebook.  There is no CD Drive for our engagement pictures to be viewed and you have to buy extra pieces of "equipment" for all "normal" functions of a regular old PC.

So...this weekend we are going back to Nebraska Furniture Mart to exchange our new iPAD for a new laptop so I can feel happy again.

If you are reading this and have any quick advice in the next few days on what I may be doing wrong -- please please email me at!  I will take all the help I can get! 

Or might even be persuaded if I could just figure it out!

Posts of our house transformations to come soon!  (I promise!)