Wednesday, June 20

I'm so sorry!

I have failed at posting anything about my life lately.

In the past month I have...
1) started a new job
2) moved to a new house and painted the entire first floor (well almost, we have 1 more coat of the entry room left)
3) 1 month out from my wedding - lots of planning and finishing things for the big day.

I'm kinda stressed to be honest.  I don't like to get stressed, I think it is a sign of weakness.  (not for you, but for me).  I like to be in control, to have everything in order, to do in my way (yes I know I sound like a b&*%) but I'm just a very anal person when it comes to my life and being in control of it.

I'm a control freak - there I admit it! 

Right now I feel like I am going in 100 directions, I can't keep track of my to-do lists to keep track of to do lists, etc.  So needless to say something had to give.  That was my blog.  After I get back from the honeymoon (Dominican Republic baaaabbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!) I will update you on the house, my new job, life in general and start getting fun wtih this blog again!