Monday, January 30

Florida here I come!!!!

I'm headed to Florida in 4 days to spend 4 days with my mom and sister!

I'm soo excited!

Warm weather...

sunny skies...

some shopping...

vising with my MaDee (grandma)...

and a small super bowl party with the fam!

This is probably my last vacation before the wedding too...Feb - July is going to be very long with no vacation days away from work!! :(

Monday, January 23

Less than 6 months!!!!

I can't even believe it! 

Less than 6 months and I will be Mrs. Alexander!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHH  Lots of little things left to do, but thank goodness all of the big stuff is booked and ready to go.

I have to order the BM Dresses and invitations.  Brian is helping with the rehearsal dinner...and then lots of little things like decor at the reception, seating chart, etc, etc. that still have to get done.

But I am soo excited and cannot wait for my big day! 

That's all for today - I know its short!

Wednesday, January 18


I have to brag a little...

I left the gym feeling soooo good last night!  I had a lot of energy, my spirits were up, I felt like I kicked my own butt!  It's been a while since I've pushed myself like that and it clearly paid off.

Started the workout with an hour long zumba class (in my new shoes that my soon to be hubby bought me for Christmas!!)

Then, I decided that I would run a mile or so and go lift some weights...well one mile turned into two on the treadmill.  I ran the first at 5.7 (which is my new steady speed) and then I ran the 2nd mile at 6.0 (THE ENTIRE THING!!!) 

You may not think this is a big deal, but it is for me, I have never in my life ran a mile at a speed of 6.0 on the treadmill....I don't know if it was the supers skinny girl next to me doing springs, or the guy next to me running forEVER...but it was great motivation!

This morning, I feel fabulous and I am 3 pounds less than my 10lb goal!  Come on 7 more pounds!!!

Sunday, January 15

Cotton Bowl Trip

Last week, I ventured down to Dallas, TX with 2 of my good friends for the Cotton Bowl.  Kstate didn't win, but it was one hellova weekend.

I was also able to spend some time with good friends that live in Dallas -- Julie and Jessi.  We stayed with Jessi, who is a good friend of mine who I used to work with at Payless.  It was great to catch up!

Sunday, January 1

2011 in Review

My friend over at Ruby Red Slippers posted her "Year in Review" and I had to copy.  I thought it was a great idea! 
2011 was a fabulous year and was filled with engagements, more weddings, babies and more!  Wow we were busy!!  Let's get started...
• Annual Strong City/Cottonwood Falls Trip
• 80's Pub Crawl in Old Shawnee

• Matt & Andrea (Brian's Cousin) have their baby - Maggie
• LOTS of snow!

• My 27th Birthday weekend in KC
• Being the MOH for Julie - throwing her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

• MOH in Julie and Jeff's Wedding

• Wedding in New Jersey for my Aunt Jody and Eddie
• Wedding in Strong City for Brian's high school friends

• Night away at a B&B with Julie and Jeff
• Good friend Shelby's Wedding in Topeka

• Hermann, MO winery trip with Brian over 4th of July Weekend
• Bachelorette Party in Fort Myer's for my bestie!

August (was a very VERY busy month)
• Moving in with Brian!!!
• Our Engagement!!!
• Best friend's Wedding!!


• Lake with Brian's brother, sister-in-law and their kids
• Trip to Atlanta
• Hosted a baby shower for Kathryn

• Sarah & Jeff's Wedding in Wichita
• Kstate Game with the fam

• ADPI Reunion Weekend in Manhattan
• Chief's v. Bronco's Game

• Christmas & Crafts

I hope your 2011 was just as memorable and fun as ours was!  Here's to a very happy and healthy 2012!!!