Monday, February 28

Memoir Monday

NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!

No, no worries.  I am NOT having a baby!  Good gosh, I'm not even married or even engaged yet!  ;)

Mr. KU's cousin Matt and his wife Andrea had a beautiful baby girl last Monday.  We were able to drive to KC and meet Maggie on Saturday morning.

Now, I'm normally very nervous around babies, especially newborns since they can't even hold their head's up...but she was sooo precious!  Maggie never cried; she just bundled herself up in her blanket and slept -  occasionally opening her eyes and making a few random sounds.  

It was very fun and exciting to go visit them.  It also made me realize that I'm ready for a grown up life, I'm ready to have a family of my own (maybe not kids quite yet), be married and start the next "chapter" in my life.

Ok enough mushy are the pictures of Maggie!  

{I still have long hair, got my hair cut after we went to the hospital}

Miss Maggie Amelia McGinley

Mr. KU and Maggie - funny story, he didn't want to smile and I had to tell him he was holding a baby, he had to smile!

Maggie and me!  I felt like I had to sit b/c I was nervous...

Sunday, February 27

New Haircut!

I did it!  I cut my hair!

I have been growing my hair for quite some time now.  Really I didn't know what to do with it so I was just letting it grow.  Well it was definitely longer than my shoulders, but it never looked healthy and just kinda looked boring in my opinion.  Mr. KU is a fan of long hair, but I've never had much success.  

So Saturday I made the plunge.  I've always had short hair, so I went somewhere in between.  It sits right at my shoulders and look soo much healthier now.  And I found this new product which I love (can't remember the name now), but takes a lot of the humidity out of your hair and prevents it from curling when it gets hot and leaves a really pretty shine!

My long hair right after Christmas (see how it is longer than my shoulders)

Not a great picture - but you can see the short hair!

Wednesday, February 23

2 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not run 2 miles in probably almost a year!  Last night I was in the mood, finally had my iPod with my running music -- its a mix of totally hard core rap music and alternative songs like "Story of a Girl"

...random I know.

I had a frustrating day at work and just needed to "vent it out".  Plus it was day 2 of 4 workouts for the week and I needed to make it a good one.  

I haven't felt that good running in a long time, its very motivational.  I've been pondering doing another half marathon, but I want to travel to another city to do my 2nd.  I just can't budget it this year with all of the weddings I have, so I'm going to shoot for next year.  

But anyway, the running last night was FANTASTIC!  

Definitely gave me the motivation to keep going and stretch it out to 2 1/2 miles the next time.

Monday, February 21

Memoir Monday

This weekend was so fun and soo productive!  Friday night we went out with some friends at the Levee in Westport.  It's a great bar, with lots of levels and they have really great bands.  Friday night we were celebrating some birthdays of my friends.

{No pictures, I left my SD Card in my computer on accident.}

Saturday Mr. KU and I were able to hang out with my fam.  Got to see both my dad and mom which was nice.  I think it has been since Christmas that we all actually spent some time together.  It was time that I needed!

Then we come to Sunday - such a wonderful day.  It was 70degrees outside and you betcha, I enjoyed it!  (You know you live in Kansas when it is 70 degrees one day and 35 the next like it was today).

Back to Sunday...we washed cars, cleaned out cars, went on a long walk with The El Dog, grilled steaks and made homemade Au Gratin Potatoes.

Funny story...well kinda.  I was eating my potatoes and one bite was particularly hot...well that piece got stuck in my throat and burnt the back of my throat.  It hurts so bad even tonight.  I feel like I have strep throat, but I just scalded the heck out of it....not fun!

Take my advise...let your food cool off before taking big bits, even if you're hungry!

Saturday, February 19

Time to workout!!!

About a year and a half ago I ran a half marathon and was in the best shape of my life.  I had muscle definition in my legs, a fairly flat stomach, and my clothes fit very well!  But I wasn't happy with myself or my life.  God knew what he was doing all along and I met Mr. KU and my life changed!!!!  I'm not the type of person to say that I needed a guy to make me happy, but I was lonely, I wanted someone to spend my life with.  And because I was given this amazing surprise and gift, I stopped working out, which was a way for me to fill the void of being alone. 

Now, I'm extremely happy, I feel confident, I'm in love with the man of my dreams, I have a great job, but I don't eat the healthiest and I don't work out as much as I could say I've gained about 20 pounds in the past year and half. starts and it starts tomorrow!!!!  (Its Saturday afternoon at 4pm, I'm being totally lazy and slightly hungover for the rest of today and am going to eat Dairy Queen ice cream tonight before I start this transition)  

I am challenging myself to workout 4 times a week and to make the time to do it, even if that means I need to go on a 20 minute walk with Ellie at 6am before getting ready for work.  I have to do something.  I'm kinda fed up with the way I feel and look and I need to do something about it!!  

So part of my blogging is going to be about trying new recipes, the different workouts I am going to try and it's going to help me be accountable for this positive change.  If you have any healthy recipes, please send them my way, I really will eat and try anything.

PS - I'm also thinking about a new haircut or color (nothing drastic) but if you have any ideas let me know.  I just need a little update!

Monday, February 14

Memoir Monday

I'm one lucky girl!  I don't know what else to say.  Mr. KU surprised me with a dozen pink roses on Friday evening at our dinner with our good friends (previous post).

TODAY, I got to work about 6:30am (typical I know).  Well, Mr. KU walked in my cube (yes we work together) with a dozen pink and white roses and tulips!  He is the sweetest man I know.  Went way above and beyond this Valentine's Day and I am one lucky girl!  

I feel very blessed to have him in my life and to have met the man of my dreams.  

Sunday, February 13

Friends make life so much sweeter.

This weekend was wonderful!  I finally got over my cold (and now Mr. KU has the same cold)...OOPS!

Friday we had dinner with our great friends - Julie & Jeff.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants...

AND...Jeff & Mr. KU surprised Julie and I with some beautiful flowers!  They had them waiting on our table when we got there.  Those sneaky boys!!!  Mr. KU is very good at surprising me with trips, flowers, and just the little things.  I'm one lucky girl!

Saturday was spent hanging out with some friends of mine from high school.  They were in town to go to the KU vs. Iowa State game.  I've known Kyle since 3rd grade (one of my first friends when I moved to KC) and Kevin since middle school.  I met up with them at 23rd Street Brewery with Mr. KU and some of his friends after my girls night dinner.

Kathryn, Kristin and I had a girls night - Mexican Fiesta Style!  It was great to hang out without the boys, have a little girl talk and enjoy a few margaritas!

So needless to say, I had a lot going on this weekend, but it was great to spend some time with some wonderful people, great friends, and be out and about for a while.  

Monday, February 7

Memoir Monday



Blow my nose...yet again!  This is not a fun post.  Sorry!

I'm home from work and needing to occupy my time a little.  I don't feel like I can sleep any more even though my head feels like it is going to explode.

More positive note for Memoir Monday:  my sister came and visited me this weekend which was a blast!  We went for sushi, did a little shopping, had a lot of girl talk.  It was fun!  Then I spent all day Sunday curled up on the couch with my orange juice and had my own little Super Bowl Party while Mr. KU was playing host at his party. (which was at his roommate's girlfriend's house since their apartment is kinda small).  I'm glad the NFC won  the Superbowl, even if it wasn't my EAGLES!

Hopefully one more day at home will be good for me.  Lots of meds, lots of water and OJ and a positive attitude and I will be better tomorrow!!!

My little corner of "goodies" for the day!  

Saturday, February 5

Sisterly Love!

My sister just left visiting me in Lawrence.  I'm sooo glad she came to see me and hang out.  We had a great day (and of course I spent too much money shopping while she was here!).  

We used to live together before I moved to Lawrence and she needed a little sister time, which I think I needed too!  We are very close, both in age and close to each other!  We are only 21 months a part and have grown to be best friends over the past 10 years or so.  We definitely were not close friends growing up, but really...what sisters are?

Today we went to have sushi for lunch and then went to Target and Old Navy.  I got a couple cute things - new cardigan, a tank top, and a comfy lounge long sleeve shirt that I can wear with jeans, or leggings, but its not so blah that I can't wear it out of the house.

Anyway, she left today and I realized how much I missed living with her.  We had fun with each other and she's my bud!  I can tell her anything and ask her anything and she'll always give me her true and honest opinion.  I'm very lucky to have her not only as my sister but also my friend!

My beautiful sis!

Tuesday, February 1


BRRRRRRR  It's cold outside today!  Right now I'm snuggled up in my blanket, working from home on my computer and wishing I had those gloves that let your fingers free so you can still work. 


Our office was only open from 9am-11am today because of the blizzard that is coming into the Midwest.  Its a whopping 10 degrees outside!!!!  Here is a view from the apartment.

Hard to tell - but the wind is blowing like crazy and its snowing pretty hard.

I am really glad that Mr. KU and I decided to just stay home, be safe and work from home today.

I'm working on the other couch - just taking a break to update the blog! :)

And Ellie is enjoying a day at home with mom and "dad."