Sunday, April 29

We found one!!

Brian and I enjoyed a Friday night at home drinking some wine and grilling out.

Well that is until there were hurricane force winds running through Kansas and we could barely keep the grill lit.

So we ordered pizza -- yes -- stuffed crust, multiple meats, yummy, delicious, way too many Weight Watchers Points -- pizza!  

AND, WE FOUND A BED SPREAD at Pottery Barn.  Shown here.  It was the original one we had picked out.  I think we are going to accent it with some light blue colors.

I'm excited to be in our new home and to get it all set up with our wedding gifts and new items! 

Friday, April 27

I can't find bedding I like!

This is the one piece of our registry I have been sooo frustrated with.

I cannot find bedding that both Brian and I like.  I ordered a duvet cover from pottery barn  (shown here) and it came in the mail and does not look like the muted grey/off white I was thinking it would be.  Its more green and cream colored in person.  Needless to say I'm not a fan.

I've looked at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Dillard's and Macy's ... still no luck.

I'm getting ready to just make my own!

Anyone have any ideas?!?!?

Sunday, April 22

A beautiful bridal shower

My mom's good friends - Jennifer, Shari & Deborah hosted a shower for me.  It was beautiful as you will see from the pictures in a moment.

Everything was thought of in such great detail -- beautiful place settings, fabulous food, a scrapbook, recipe cards, the list goes on.

I feel so blessed and loved to have special people in my life who thought to do all of this for me.  It was great to have family and friends with me today to share in this special time for Brian and I.

Love the little gifts for everyone!!

The GORGEOUS place settings!  It was all in my colors!!!

My beautiful hostesses!!!  Jennifer, Deborah & Shari

My mom and I!  We matched!!

My friends who came to the shower - Julie, Melissa, Kristin, myself, Kathryn & Marlo!  Can't forget about Brynlee!

The yummy yummy cake - and yes the M & S are backwards!  My new name is Michelle!! :)

I got a mandolin!!!  I can't wait to start chopping vegetables!

One of my best friends & bridesmaids - Julie!

Brian's Mom and I

Brian's Family & I - Kathleen, Emily, Sue, Myself and Stacy

Friday, April 20

I like big red balls

Kick balls that is!

Now what did you think I meant?!?!?

Our annual kickball season started last night.  It was a blast to get back together with my high school friends and other friends we have all picked up along the way.

We lost, but to be perfectly honest we are not competitive at all.  Its more about enjoying a few cold beverages and relaxing after a stressful week.

Monday, April 16

I can't feel my arms.

Wow.  P90X is an extreme workout!

Brian and I did the Chest and Back workout, and then did our Ab workout later in the evening.  

I woke up this morning and I can barely lift my arms above my head to get dressed.  This could be a very long week!

We did take before and after photos, but I don't think I'll be showing them to people...we have some work to do folks!

In the end I know it will be worth it...right now, I kinda want to cry!  :)

Saturday, April 14

Flip Flop

No, I'm not talking about the cheap shoes you put on your feet, or "thongs" as my mother called them in one embarrassing moment.  

I'm talking about me and my workout routine (or lack thereof).

I lose motivation you can see from previous posts about running, taking Zumba, Weight Watchers. 

I do really well with something for the first few weeks and about week 4 I kinda poop out.

Well, I'm onto another workout routine and this is something I can't poop out on.


Just FYI, I might die!

Brian and I have 13 weeks before our wedding...oh guess what?  P90X is 13 weeks long!  At least I'll have Brian to help keep me motivated.  But I seriously might die.  

(I'm blaming him b/c this was his idea)

We start tomorrow (Sunday) and it isn't going to stop and I'm not going to poop out.  I just hope I make it out alive!!


Brian and I had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Last Friday night we settled in and made a very disappointing cream-less Pasta Primavera...very bland.  Guess we will not be going back to that recipe.
Saturday morning we drove down to Strong City for Easter with the Alexander Clan. 
- Easter Egg Hunt
- Dying Eggs
- Yummy roast dinner

Sunday we drove up to KC for the Dorward Easter.
- Church
- No Easter Egg hung (probably a quite a few years away from that)
- Yummy BBQ dinner while watching the Masters.

Wednesday, April 4

Sista Sista!

This past weekend many of my "sisters" came into town for MY BRIDAL SHOWER!  Ahh I can't believe it is that time.  It was kinda surreal and crazy.  I've gone to probably 20+ bridal showers for friends of mine, and it was a weird feeling that it was all about me.

My real sister also came into town and helped host the shower.

My bridesmaids are FABULOUS!  And the shower was AMAZING!  Everything they did had such great detail and love.  I'm one lucky girl!

Gift from the bridesmaids.

My beautiful bridesmaids!  They are wonderful!!!

Yummy food - cheesecake strawberries, muffins, fruit, chicken salad!

Jeni, Liz, Gina and I - high school friends!

Beth, Lauren, Me, Lauren and Julie

My Maid and Matron of Honor!  I love these women!!!