Saturday, March 19


Every year Mr. KU and his best friend Cory have a NCAA tournament kick-off party that lasts 2 days.  Thursday and Friday of opening weekend....

Tons of food with the grill going all day....check!

3 TVS lined up in the living room watching 3 different games....check!

2 more TVs - one in the kitchen, one outside....check!

Beautiful weather and chimenea going at night....check!

It is so much fun if you can't tell.  Enjoy some pics from the past few days!!
These were not the only  Tv's...1 outside and 1 in the kitchen

The tap Mr. KU made
Lexi - my new friend for the weekend.  She loved playing with my phone.
Mr. KU and I - yes I wore blue for the KU game.

The crowd was pumped for the game.
Mr. KU's attempt at a macaroni burger....

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