Saturday, April 23


You might think my blog threw up purple, but I LOVE PURPLE!!  Its quite obvious if you can't tell.

I'm just relaxing at home on Saturday morning, watching a little HGTV and thought I would update my blog since I can't go fix a backyard, or paint a I am being inspired to do while watching HGTV.  Living in an apartment - can't exactly do all of those fun things like you can when you own a home...couple more years!  

This is my last Saturday for the next month that I can just lay around, do a little laundry and relax so I'm enjoying every single minute of it!  I'm very excited for the next month ---

Best Friend's Wedding!  Next week she will be Mrs. O'Conner!!!!

Mr. KU's friend's wedding...

Going away party for a dear friend at work...

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party for another dear friend Shelby AND

our trip to NYC over Memorial Day Weekend!

As you can see the weekends are filling up fast, but I am soo excited to share in these special times with my friends!!!  Spring/Summer has finally arrived!!

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