Sunday, October 24

Random Thought

I'm having a moment -- I normally don't get like this on Sunday nights, but I just really don't want to go to work tomorrow.  I don't want to deal with people's crap, I just want to relax, finish packing and finally move to Lawrence!!  

If you didn't know I'll be moving to Lawrence in about 4 days.  I'm so excited and sad at the same time.  This past year I lived with my sister, and probably the last time I'll get the chance to live with her. :(  But I'm excited to be close (3 blocks) from Mr. KU and only 23 minutes from work!  I've been driving over an hour to and and from work now for the past 3 years, and I'm just worn out and sick of it.  

Anyway, not a very exciting post, just having a moment and enjoying the fact that Mr. KU and I are just lying around watching football and totally relaxing.  Its just enjoyable at the moment!

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