Sunday, January 1

2011 in Review

My friend over at Ruby Red Slippers posted her "Year in Review" and I had to copy.  I thought it was a great idea! 
2011 was a fabulous year and was filled with engagements, more weddings, babies and more!  Wow we were busy!!  Let's get started...
• Annual Strong City/Cottonwood Falls Trip
• 80's Pub Crawl in Old Shawnee

• Matt & Andrea (Brian's Cousin) have their baby - Maggie
• LOTS of snow!

• My 27th Birthday weekend in KC
• Being the MOH for Julie - throwing her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

• MOH in Julie and Jeff's Wedding

• Wedding in New Jersey for my Aunt Jody and Eddie
• Wedding in Strong City for Brian's high school friends

• Night away at a B&B with Julie and Jeff
• Good friend Shelby's Wedding in Topeka

• Hermann, MO winery trip with Brian over 4th of July Weekend
• Bachelorette Party in Fort Myer's for my bestie!

August (was a very VERY busy month)
• Moving in with Brian!!!
• Our Engagement!!!
• Best friend's Wedding!!


• Lake with Brian's brother, sister-in-law and their kids
• Trip to Atlanta
• Hosted a baby shower for Kathryn

• Sarah & Jeff's Wedding in Wichita
• Kstate Game with the fam

• ADPI Reunion Weekend in Manhattan
• Chief's v. Bronco's Game

• Christmas & Crafts

I hope your 2011 was just as memorable and fun as ours was!  Here's to a very happy and healthy 2012!!!

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