Thursday, September 29



I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got some new curtains and a curtain rod to hang curtains in our extra bedroom.  The room just needed a little something extra.

...the screw stripped and I may have put a hole in our wall....did I mention we are renters!  I kinda started to freak out!

After crying and some screaming at this stupid screw I went to Ace Hardware and asked for some help.  They gave me this neat little "screw" type of thing (yes very technical words I know) but it is supposed to input grooves back into the screw to help remove from the wall.


I cried and cussed some more because with all of my might I could not pull it out of the wall.  And Brian wasn't home so I was trying to do all of this without him.  "I'm a woman and women can do anything"  Famous words from my mother!

So when he came home from the KU game we went upstairs and he helped me pull the screw out of the wall, patch the hole with some plaster and hang the curtain slightly higher to cover up the hole and we are really going to fix it later.

Here are a few pics of our new curtains!  ( I also have another project in the works - very simple, but I'm not that handy as you can probably tell from this post)

And here is a sneak peak at my new project - hopefully I can finish in the next week or so.

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