Friday, June 3

One Heckeva Morning

I forgot to post this before my vacation - but this happened the Monday before we left for NYC.

Monday mornings I get up at 5am, early start I know...but I have to be at work by 6:30am.  I got up as usual, was letting the dog out and as I walked over to my car to head home (I was at Mr. KU's house)...what did I see????

a PERSON sleeping in the back seat!!!!!!!!

I kinda freaked out, ran back inside, not sure of what to do.  Mr. KU said to call 911 so I did that.  The cops came and got the guy out, asked him a few questions - he was completely hammered drunk!  Had no clue where he was, thought it was his car (which was a Sun Fire apparently)>  Well I drive a Nissan Sentra = NO SUN FIRE 

The cops ask me a few questions - 1.) Do I know this person?  2.) Did he have permission to be in my car?.  Etc.

Obviously my answer was no....

So the cop comes back over after they put him in the cop car; they are going to take the guy in for criminal trespassing. Mr Cop also asks me if I'm going to clean my car, my OBVIOUS answer is yes, and he says good, because he thinks the guy pissed in my car.


Mind you, he only was wearing basketball shorts, no shirt and some sort of hat.  I believe his shirt was hanging over the dumpster (or at least I thought that's what I saw when I was finally able to leave).

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