Sunday, November 4

K-State Homecoming/ADPI Reunion Weekend

My best friend was in town two weekends ago.  I think we crammed as many events into one weekend as humanly possibly, but it was A BLAST!  Now I just need her to move back....

Surprise Bday party on Friday evening after we picked them up at the airport.  (Her mom had no clue, best surprise I've seen in a while!)

K-State Homecoming Game on Saturday...which we won AGAIN!  Still undefeated!!!  I love my Wildcats!  Plus, it was our ADPI Reunion weekend.  Who knew...tailgates and babies instead of tailgates and too much beer!  It was great to catch up with everyone!
The K-State band played right next to our tailgate!  GOO CATS!

Adding little ADPI's one by one!

And Sunday was the Chiefs vs. Raider's game.  The Chiefs suck, but we still love to support our local team.  And we had a great time anyway!

On top of all of the vents, Brian and I had family staying at our house and we got to baby sit our niece and nephew Saturday evening after the football games while Brian's brother and wife attended a wedding.  I was asleep about 10 minutes after the kids went to sleep.  Exhausted!
They are great kids!  I'm one lucky aunt!!
Yes, it was jam packed, but totally worth it!

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